How do you know if you need basement foundation repairs?

How do you know if you need basement foundation repairs?

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Overtime foundation problems arise depending on the area your home is located. A number of factors are contributors, including soil shifting caused by trees, weather elements, age of the structure, and other indicators. Investment Contractors in Rogersville & Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas, offers complete service in the areas of foundation assessment and repair. A lot goes into foundation repairs so we are proud to work with our customers step by step through the foundation repair process. We are a full restoration services business.

Call us today is you experience any of these signs:

  • Outside Pressure: The most common reason for basement wall failure in Rogersville & Knoxville, TN is too much pressure coming inward from outside.
  • Water leaks: Wall damage can be accelerated by poor drainage within the home or plumbing leaks.
  • Wall Strength: The wall construction may be unable to withstand normal lateral pressure pushing against the wall.

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